D4 Infonet

With more than 20 years of experience with implementation af management systems and the record of having implemented D4 Infonet at the most companies,  I can now offer to help you and your company with the implementation.
Implementation of project management, auditsystems, HR-systems, news, systems for handling suppliers, NCR's, claims, Injuries etc. has also been a part of the management systems

Document management

I will help you setting up the document management system with a process oriented structure and with link to the HR-module.

You will be able to :
  • Transfer excisting instruction, processes and form to D4 Infonet
  • Create library with external standards (Customer, national, international)
  • Create handbook with all your drawings
  • All drawings in one handbook
  • All standards in one handbook
  • Link from standards/drawings to other documents.
  • Cross references
  • Visible document owners
  • Sending tests and training to your employees

Generic forms

I will help you building up your workflows and create the formulars in Generic forms.

You will be able to :
  • maintain the forms
  • make changes in the forms
  • explain why it has been build this way
  • Workplace assesment
  • Injury Reports
  • Approval of ASME certificates
  • Holoday Calendar
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer claims


I will help you bilding up your processflows/organization Diagrams and create the flows in flow.net with swimlanes linked to the HR-module.

You will be able to :
  • maintain the flows
  • make changes in the work-flow, like colors, shades, graphics
  • explain why it has been build this way
  • add links
  • Value Chain
  • Organization Diagram
  • Risk Assesments
  • Project management
  • HR-processes
  • Waste handling

HR- module

I will help you bilding up your HR-module with link to the document management system.

You will be able to :
  • Get an overview of the company's overall skills and knowledge. Register continuous data about the employee's skills and get it all together in a clear and user-friendly system.
  • Get an overview of roles and responsibilities.

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Statutory courses
  • Employee development interviews
  • Alarm when competence expires
  • Photos and personal information


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