About me

I am a happy and extroverted person, who is always ready for a new challenge. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM). I am commencing my seventh semester where I am to write my Bachelor project at LEGO.

Knowledge and experience

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Help i can offer

With the GMM- Engineering Degree, I able to solve various different tasks, such as:

-       Development and/or Optimization of production processes.

-       Production Management - information and material flow (Operations Management).

-       Production Technology.

-       Global Production.

-       Quality Control and Assurance.

-       Information Systems.

-       Supply Chain Management.

-       Innovation Management.

-       Risk Management.

-       Purchase processes – Strategical and/or Operational.

-       Involvement in Product Development, including design for Manufacturing.

-       Team development.

Work Experience 

  • 5th Semester Internship at ROWDY Bags, in Cape Town, South Africa. (August 2022 - December 2022)

    • Intern, working with Quality Management, Minimizing Waste with a Lean Perspective, Digitalizing, Process Optimization, Analyzing, Stock-Optimization, etc.
  • Student Worker at IPL-Production A/S. (November 2021 - July 2022)

    • Student worker at IPL-Production A/S, where I work with digitization and optimization of processes in the Quality Department. Resigned due to my two semesters overseas.
  • Part-time Electronics Salesman in Bilka, Herning. (Maj 2015 - Oktober 2020)

    • Guiding customers in regard to purchasing electronics and home appliances. Resigned due to commencing my University-Engineering studies.

  • Part-time Electronics Salesman in Fona, Herning. (July 2015 - May 2016)

    • Vejledning af kunder i køb af TV, computere og smartphones. fratrådte på grund af nyt arbejde
  • Part-time Store Assistant in Føtex, Salling Group Herning.  (January 2015 – July 2015)

    • Restocking goods and providing good customer service. Resigned due to getting new work.

Projekt experience (2021 - 2022)   

  • Semester Project 4 - A/S Jydsk Aluminium Industry (JAI)

    • Optimizing JAI's management of their purchasing portfolio, in order to improve its resilience.
  • Semester Project 3 – IPL-Production A/S.

    • Optimization and Digitalization of IPL-Production’s Quality Procedures, from a Lean-Perspective
  • Semester Project 2 – Davidsen A/S.

    • Optimization of Davidsen’s Storage Capacity in Aarhus, with the help of MRP-Data Analysis.


  • Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM) Engineering, Aarhus University BSS. ( September 2020 – January 2024.

    • With a GMM-Engineering Degree, it enables one to create sustainable business solutions. During the study, I have been through many project-collaborations with businesses and their communities. This has given me a lot of experience and I have gained a good understanding of the real issues that companies face.

  • Sixth Semester, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). ( February 2023 – July 2023 )

    • Exchange Semester at QUT, where I had taken units within Risk- and Innovation-Management and gained both cultural and international experience.

  • Student Exam, Herning Gymnasium. (August 2015 – June 2018.)

    • Student exam from Herning Gymnasium, where I was on the Science Education Study-line. My focus on this study line was with my major A-level classes of Mathematics and Physics


DanishNative Language.

English: Professional Level, written and spoken 

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