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Optimize your organization's processes and management reporting with the business system D4InfoNet.

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Document control

Are you spending too many resources on redundant paperwork? Do you find it difficult to document that employees have read all relevant documents? With a digital handbook, document management will be a simple task in the future. With D4InfoNet, management and employees will be able to access important documents digitally and document that everything has been read and understood.

Control of requirements and processes

With the unique management system, you are sure that you always comply with the requirements for processes and workflows. The electronic manuals give you a reminder every time a document needs to be revised, every time you have to deal with something or, for example, change a procedure. You get a receipt when an employee has read a document that was late in training, so you can document that the employees have familiarized themselves with relevant procedures and guidelines.

Efficient document control

The electronic handbooks provide efficient and fast document handling, because you are always shown the current and approved version of a document or procedure description. You save time looking in piles of paper and on the server for the latest edition, and you have easy access to the document's history. You also don't have to worry about managing your links. Links in the system always point to the latest version of the document, even when it has been updated.

Easy to work with

D4InfoNet is a flexible standard system that suits all your needs and processes. It creates value for all companies, both the small service company and the global pharmaceutical company. You get simple, flexible and clear quality management instead of a complicated system that you have to fit into. The tool basically does everything you need. If additional functions are needed, it is easy to adapt.

Generic forms

With D4GenericForms you get a unique and intuitive user interface where you can easily transform paper forms and manual processes into efficient forms that move electronically through the company in streamlined workflows.

The form system is web-based, and comes in a user-friendly and simple design that makes it fun to build functional forms for data collection. In practice, you just insert the fields you need on the form so that it matches the workflow you have planned, and then you are ready to publish.

You do not need special skills or long courses. After a short introduction, you are self-driving and can build the vast majority of forms on your own. If you need help, or if you want more advanced solutions, we are ready. It doesn't get any easier.

1. Plan

Define your workflow. What data does the form need to collect and what does its route look like from start to finish?

2. Build

Insert fields into the form so that they match your workflow, and work freely with the layout of fields and colors.

3. Publish

Select to whom the collected data is available, and then you are ready to publish the form.

The ultimate form experience

D4GenericForms creates an overview and saves resources. In a short time, you can turn time-consuming, manual and routine tasks into efficient, digital and value-creating workflows.

As needed, you can build forms that streamline everything from checklists, registrations and audits to NCRs, corrective actions, risk assessments and much more. This is just an excerpt. Only the imagination sets the limits. You can document all steps in a process. Last but not least, it is easy to collect, display and export data.

The system, and the great transparency, anchors the processes across the company, and minimizes the risk of failures.

HR module

With the electronic HR system, you get an overview of the company's overall skills and knowledge. You continuously register data about the employee's skills and collect it all in a clear and user-friendly system. Therefore, you always have a precise picture of where there is a need for upskilling. The management and the HR department get an effective tool to create structure in development and ensure that the company is competitive. You can also monitor developments at departmental level, so you are sure that certain departments have the right skills overall.


You get a digital tool to keep track of master data. For example, you can register information about the employees' position, age, telephone number and form of employment. The information can be used for internal statistics or as an index of your employees. Master data is often scattered around companies' systems, but here you get it gathered in a single place together with data on competences.


It is easy to get started with using the electronic HR system. It is a user-friendly system, and experience shows that users are happy with it. You start by using the functions you need most, and then you can continuously build on them. The standard system can do everything you need, and we educate and train you to get started.

Get started quickly

You can quickly get started on making your quality management more optimal and manageable. A tailored employee directory provides a good starting point for optimizing your internal resources. The system not only strengthens your administration of employee information. You also have the option of controlling which data should be available to whom.

Complete snapshot with skills control

The HR module also gives you an adequate snapshot of unique or particularly in-demand skills in the company. If a customer, the management or a colleague urgently needs help, you can quickly find the employees and departments who have the skills and can help. You can easily and simply assign and manage the rights in the tool, so you control which users have access to data about the company's skills.


Vi er højtkvalificerede juridiske eksperter med erfaring inden for en række sektorer. Vi er kendt for vores professionalisme og viden og står altid til rådighed for potentielle klienter. Uanset hvad sagen drejer sig om, håndterer vi den effektivt og med en høj grad af ekspertise.

User friendly

Getting started with using flowcharts is easy. The tool is user-tested and very user-friendly. Users can design their user interface and workflows themselves so that they have quick access to documents. You choose how you design and display your processes. You can create both complex illustrations and simple flowcharts. You can also use flowcharts to create an elegant and user-friendly intranet for your company and employees – an intranet that is fully integrated with the management system and all important documents and data.

Build flowcharts

There is a completely free framework for the construction of flowcharts and the application appeals to a great extent to creativity and play with graphic expressions. The Flowcharts system functions as a drawing board where you can freely build and design. You can use various animations and videos, just as you can use PNG, GIF, JPEG. The easy-to-use tools and the panel of figurative options make it easy to place and edit the elements. It is also possible to create links between the flowchart's internal and external data.

Get started quickly

You can quickly get started on making your quality management more visual and manageable. We train you in using flowcharts and guide you through the process. If you have graphic designers in house, they will be able to help you with the advanced functions and solutions. If you need further input, we are ready to help.

D4 App

With this app, you can establish offline access to selected documents in D4Handbooks and forms in D4GenericForms, designed for use in offline mode, on your device.
Furthermore, you can work with documents you have in consultation, for approval and in training or give feedback on existing documents.
You also have access to news in D4News, which you can comment on in offline mode